Sleep is essential; it is when we repair our tissues and recover from the day. Recently we have come to understand better what goes on in our brains during sleep, and how it is actually impossible to do the necessary bodily housekeeping and to move or think at the same time. But it took some brilliant insights by Dr Stasha Gominak, a neurologist in Texas, to show us how to fix sleep problems - even sleep apnoea - and get back to the repair work.

Vitamin D can fix sleep, but it takes a surprisingly high level and some time; you also need vitamin B5 and all the B vitamins. We depend on the healthy gut microbiome to provide these B vitamins, and they need us to provide them with vitamin D. It’s a mutual support system, us and the main gut bacteria together. You can fix everything you like, but if you don’t sleep well you won’t heal. Bad sleep can be fixed using Dr Gominak’s insights, but it takes time and careful testing.