Of course I am fascinated by light, ever since I wrote about it in my book Daylight Robbery in 1988. Light is the driver of all life on earth. As Weston Price said in 1928; “The dinner we have eaten was a part of the sun but a few months ago”. Vitamin D is a big part of this, but we know that light also stimulates production of NO, crucial for opening up blood vessels, and has effects on the endocrine system and the brain.

Some years ago I was involved in start-ups providing full-spectrum lighting (including at the original Hale Clinic in Park Crescent). But now we have the opportunity to do even better; we are collaborating with Weber Medical in Germany to use light as therapy in three ways:

  • Intravenous laser light therapy (comes in 4 colours plus ultraviolet)
  • Transdermal and transmembrane light therapy with the “Laser Watch”
  • Photodynamic therapy using both the above plus activator substances (Riboflavin, Curcumin, Methylene Blue)