Ketogenic diet

I have to say this; Sugar is the Devil. Delicious it may be, but it’s not just your teeth it rots – also the immune system, the brain, the general metabolism. And eating fat doesn’t make you fat either.

An important dietary technique, a means of reducing exposure to toxins and strengthening the system, is a Ketogenic Diet. This is a diet that is very low in carbohydrates (not just free of added sugars, but with very little glucose, fructose or complex carbohydrates) AND high in lipids. It is not a calorie-restriction diet – it is the addition of the lipids (fats and oils) that makes it work; work to lose weight, work to stimulate the gall-bladder, to repair cells, boost metabolism, even to assist in cancer therapy.

There are several additional techniques we can offer to help you make a Ketogenic Diet work, including oral lipids and an advanced protein supplement, and if necessary we can even supply a blood meter for glucose and/or ketones to make sure you are getting it right.