If you are reading this it is probable that you have seen several doctors or practitioners already, but still need help. It’s also probable that your problems are complex and multifactorial, and all those factors interact. Over the years that has become the focus of my practice.

The following outline describes our approach to most patients, but everybody is individual, and we always individualise your treatment.

Pleae note that it is not possible with the technologies that we use to establish with legal certainty for an individual that a specific agent or event was the cause of their problems, and we do not offer to do this.

A word of warning; when you are sick, and sometimes desperate, it is easy to latch on to one thing that you hope may fix things for you. This rarely works. 30 years in the business have taught me to always think integratively. If your problem was that simple you would not have found your way to me, because someone or something would have fixed it before. Please don’t be disappointed therefore when we say that we cannot guarantee that you will receive a particular treatment, and that you will always need a proper medical assessment before we prescribe.

And please note that we rarely use the word “cure” – it can mean so many very different things.