Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus

by Damien Downing, MBBS, MRSB and Gert Schuitemaker, PhD


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Feb 28, 2020

There is only one existing treatment for the new coronavirus: vitamin C.

Vitamin C supports your immune system. Vitamin C helps to kill the virus and reduces the symptoms of infection. It's not a COVID "cure," but nothing is. It might just save your life, though, and will definitely reduce the severity of the infection.

If someone tells you it's not proven, consider two things:

  1. Nothing is proven to work against COVID-19, because it is a new virus.
  2. Vitamin C has worked against every single virus including influenzas, pneumonia, and even poliomyelitis.

What to do

If you do nothing else, start taking vitamin C right away; at least 3 grams a day, spread right across the day. That's a 1,000 milligram capsule every 8 hours, or a level teaspoon of powder dissolved in a pint or so of water, drank all through the day.

If you're smart and motivated, do all the other things recommended in our previous release Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus (

When and if you catch a bug that might be COVID-19, simply increase your vitamin C intake: a rounded teaspoon (that's 4 to 5 grams) in water (which helps to keep you hydrated) every 3 or 4 hours. And keep on taking it.

Do you consult a doctor? Do you self-isolate? Yes and yes. Of course you do; that's your duty to others.

Vitamin C and the other measures are what you do for yourself.

These links provide a large number of references to back up our above statements:


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